Pro Wrestling Now, Compared To When I Was Growing Up

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The Transition To The Steroid Era — World Champion Superstar Billy Graham

I forgot about how much as a child I tried to develop a mindset like Ernie Ladd. I would ride around on my skateboard, announcing to everyone, that I was the big cat! Thanks to YouTube, I came to understand how great Harley Race was, even though I did not like him as much as a kid growing up (I see him as being what a guy is supposed to be; a man’s guy!) . I see him as being a real tough guy who wanted to get into wrestling just to prove how hard he was (isn’t that what it is supposed to be about?) . Today, I see most of the wrestlers wanting a six-pack, and afraid to say what’s really on their mind. It’s so corporate, it’s pathetic! An example, is Harley Race, an old-school wrestler from the territories, facing the”new steroid style” of wrestler that started becoming mainstream in the 80’s. The wrestler he confronted in the movie is Superstar Billy Graham. From the interview, Superstar Graham faces Harley Race from out of nowhere, while Race is giving an interview. Superstar proceeds to begin flashing his enormous steroid induced arms. I really like it when Rush says to him”I don’t require that pumped up bologna, I’m a true man,” and said it rather peacefully. Superstar waived his hand and walked away in discuss without saying a word.

That is exactly what I am talking about. Wrestlers of the late 60’s and 70’s were easily rougher men than you see coming out of the curtains today; big fireworks, and glitzy, neon-colored clothes. Harley Race had an old school tattoono coloring, just black ink — he was tough! Today’s wrestlers are filled up with colored tattoos and pumped up, steroid induced physiques. It’s enough to want to make me puke! He said he would beat all off the black”greezy” Bubba Douglas. Ernie happened to be a great black athlete. He had been 5-time all-pro with the Chargers and Chiefs. Undeniably, he was my favourite wrestler growing up. He was a proven great athlete, and you can tell in his younger games he moved like a excellent football player would.

Check Out Some Full Episodes Of Old School Wrestling On YouTube

As I said, I do not appear to be alone in this thinking. If you look specifically at YouTube remarks, for shows like CWF (Championship Wrestling From Florida), hosted by Gordon Solie, you will see nothing but mostly commendable comments from all individuals, young and old alike. But if you look at wrestling, article 2005 or so, you will see a lot of people that say that wrestling today is pathetic. This was another point I wanted to make; announcers such as Gordon Solie used real wrestling moves in their opinion:”large hip-toss”;”belly-to-belly suplex”;”catch as catch can wrestler”;”lockup – collar and elbow.” Those are just a few of the phrases that lend credibility to the entire wrestling experience. I can remember vividly when I was a child, attending the Tuesday night taping in the old Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory at Tampa. Those were times I will never forget. Raccoon Poop ruins a wrestling ring.

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