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How will you make sure you are cleaning your notebook keyboard properly? There are countless of advices from the Internet as to how one needs to wash his sticky laptop keyboard. Keyboards, whether for notebook or desktop, deserve proper cleaning. This you may start properly by lubricating your keyboard back to the smooth performance it had while it was recently acquired.

The majority of the time, you will discover that the keys will stick, right? This may be attributed to drink spills on the keyboard, natural wearing off of the keyboard components, rubber pieces inside accountable for the snappy action when typing is weakened, and the most common, that’s the dirt caused by dust and hair drops. Here are some suggestions on how you can resolve your problems with your computer and bring it back to its outstanding operation.

Bringing Back Your Laptop Keyboard Back To Perfection

First, simply collect the cleaning materials that you will need. These can include some cotton swabs, cleaning advertisements made from rubber foams, paper towels, water and alcohol, lighter fluid and some scissors and tweezers, Deltona Wildlife Removal, a kitchen strainer, a spray can of the Super Lube Dry Film spray that’s indispensable and must be there once you start cleaning. You may also catch a PTFE-based lubricant that’s known to dry quickly very much suitable for this procedure.

1. Disassemble The Laptop Keyboard

You must first make a keyboard map for yourself so as not to lose any key that you take from the keyboard. Cautiously take out each key and keep safe in a container. Remember not to use too much pressure as you might not be able to put keys back again. Small rubber bits you find, simply keep in a different container so as to not get lost.

2. Start Cleaning The Keyboard

Make sure that they’re just slightly moist because if too wet with water, certainly the water will contaminate the keyboard and may damage the keyboard. This will guarantee cleaning up on all contaminants like the soda or coffee or chocolate crumbles that spilled.

For the very tough to reach areas of the keyboard, get foam rubbers and cut them into tiny pieces. Using the tweezers to hold them, you can better clean these hard-to-penetrate areas of the keyboard.

3. Repeat Same Procedure Using Alcohol

Repeat the same procedure using cotton swabs dipped in alcohol next. Never use rubber foams with alcohol because they will disintegrate with alcohol. After using alcohol, you have to again repeat the same process using lighter fluid with small pieces of foam rubber and tweezers. This will be certain that all oil-based contaminants are removed from each key.

4. Clean Each Key Of Your Keyboard

First, clean each key with cotton buds and lighter fluid to get rid of all petroleum-based contaminants. With all keys put in a strainer, spray household cleaner and leave for 5 minutes and you will rinse using warm water and drying with paper towels to dry thoroughly. Then you must make sure to wash all rubber components, lubricate all of the keys using the Super Lube Dry Film lubricant and lubricating the keyboard by doing exactly the same thing as lubricating the keys.

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